POTTER / 陶芸作家

Masashi Yokoi




Independent in 2008.
Opened store in January 2009
Lives in Okinawa(JAPAN), Born in Nagoya(JAPAN), Graduated from Musashino Art University
Lived in Nagoya until graduating from high school. After dropping out of the Faculty of Engineering at Yokohama National University, entered Musashino Art University. majoring in design. After graduating, I joined a company that jointly develops the design of major products. Mainly involved in the design of display parts related to touch panels such as mobile phones, car navigation systems, and ATMs. However, at an early stage, I felt uncomfortable that I could not directly hand over the work I was involved in to the customer (user). Searching for "work that can be handed directly to the user" and "work that suits me" that would not feel uncomfortable. Under such circumstances, I encountered pottery during my stay in Okinawa. I found it attractive to be able to hand over the work I created myself directly to the customer.
After quitting his job in Tokyo, he learned the basics of pottery at a pottery class held by pottery artist Nobuyoshi Kato. Around that time, he devised a group of works called “Bingata Pottery” that combine Bingata and pottery. While studying at Ikutoen, he continues to search for ways to make Bingata pottery at home. Graduated from Ikutoen in 2008 and set up a studio in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture.
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